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Sugar & Salt

Our R&D team takes great pride in its 20 years of experience in the condiments packaging industry, expertly applied to our entire range of dependable, flexible and innovative packaging equipment and automatic lines.

Your condiments can easily get a trouble-free solution at CHLB, such as sugar, salt, pepper, garlic salt, or other spices.

Related Packing Machines

packing machine for granules,powder and liquid/sauce

280 Model Small Vertical Packing Machine

This is a small vertical packing machine for powder, granules and liquid. Support maximum bag width 130mm, maximum film roll width 280mm.

this is 65 type packing machine by intermittent, reciprocation, multi-materials

CB-65 Small Multi-Function Vertical Packing Machine

This type of vertical packaging machine is an upgraded model of CB-280, with optional reciprocating sealing jaws, special shape bag packaging, and multi-material combinations.

CB-180G High Speed Vertical Packing Machine Application

CB-180G High Speed Vertical Granular Packing Machine

Experience precision and speed with our small granule packaging machine. Designed for efficiency, it offers high-speed operations of up to 100 packages per minute. Optimize your space with its compact design. Order now for streamlined packaging solutions!


Small Premade Pouch Packing Machine CB-SP130

The SP130 is a dual-position economic premade pouch filling and sealing machine suitable for various powders, liquids, sauces, granules, and canned goods, with automatic operation and high-speed stability, running at approximately 60 packs per minute. It supports a maximum bag width of 120mm and a maximum length of 180mm.

rotary premade pouch vacuum packing machine

Discover the Best Rotary Vacuum Pouch Packaging Machine!

Discover the power of state-of-the-art technology with our Rotary Vacuum Machine. Efficiently seal pouches for freshness. Order today for reliable performance!

This is a large capacity packing machine with multi-head weigher

VFFS Machine With Multihead Weigher For Granule Product CB-420PM/520PM/680PM

Suitable to varieties of granules, such as puffed food,popcorn,nuts,small biscuits, pasta, pet food, pills,frozen meatball,dumpling,oatmeal,cotton candy, chips, salad, balloon etc.

This is a picture of the vertical packing machine by volumetric cups

VFFS Machine With Volumetric Cup filler CB-420/520/680PV

Volumetric cup Feed Systems measure products by volume. Perfect for free flowing, small piece and granulated products like grains, salt, sugar, seeds, beans, nut,raisin, peanut, plastic pellet etc.

Q1 series for quad seal bag cbq1 series | chlbpack

VFFS Packing Machine Quad Seal Bag Series CBQ1-520/680/820

A versatile attention-grabbing design that is very popular in the packaging industry, most notably in coffee, pet food, candy, and snacks. This bag holds its shape well on the shelf and can support heavier fills of products. With the addition of a degassing valve, it becomes the perfect solution for fresh roasted coffee.

VFFS Machine Packing Machines CBF1-420/520

VFFS Machine Four Side Seal Bag Series CBF1-420/520/680

4 side seal pouch is a robust and simultaneously, cost-effective packaging solution. Optional design alternatives mean that this pouch type can be adapted to suit the demands and requirements of different sectors in the best possible manner and utilized for a broad spectrum of products including powder, granulate, piece goods, pastes, creams or liquids.

multi-lanes vertical packing machine CB6l-320 cb8l-450 | chlbpack

Multi-lanes Vertical Packing Machines CB6L-320/CB8L-450

Multi-lane stick packaging link line widely adapted to kinds of granules,powder liquid and other materials.It can complete a series packaging process that contain automatic filling, measurement, making bags , sealing, printing codes, cutting, outputting. Save human resources and increase productivity for user.

3220 Mini VFFS machine series

Mini VFFS Machine CB-3220(G/C/L/P)

Mini VFFS machine series have 4 different metering system to pack small quantity fine granule, liquid, powder. Bag type can flexible choose back seal, 3/4 side seal, stick bag. Also can add easy tear.Popular used in one-time use industries.

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