Medical Supplies

In order to protect patient health and safety, the medical industry has very strict requirements for hygiene, reliable hermetic seals and supplies tracking.

We purchase medical-grade stainless steel to produce dependable packing machines and provide customization services. Therefore, feel free and safe to work with us.

Related Packing Machines

this is 65 type packing machine by intermittent, reciprocation, multi-materials

CB-65 Small Multi-Function Vertical Packing Machine

This type of vertical packaging machine is an upgraded model of CB-280, with optional reciprocating sealing jaws, special shape bag packaging, and multi-material combinations.


Full Servo Box Motion Type Flow Packaging Machine CB-450XWS

Box-motion jaws ensure simple maintenance and airtight closure. Support pure PE film to save your packing cost, accommodating a maximum film width of 450mm(17.72”), and enabling a maximum product height of 90mm(3.54”).

Full Servo Syringe Flow Packing machine CB-300SZ

Syringe Packing Machine CB-300SZ

300SZ is a flow packing machine specially design for syringe packaging, with a automatic feeding system to archive a max package speed of 200PPM.

Successful Cases

We have rich experience working in your industry with single piece equipment and more sophisticated fully automated packaging lines. Learn more about our cases​.

Different packing machines for different medical appliances

CHLB packing machine provides 3 sides machine for different medical appliances including gloves, gauze and syringes.

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