What is thermoforming machine


Thermoforming packaging machine, also known as stretch film packing machine, is a machine for vacuum packaging or modified atmosphere packaging(MAP).

The thermoform machine CB-520LK from CHLB packing machine with exquisite stainless steel appearance, not easy to rust, easy to clean.

The design of continuous thermoforming process to help you increase the production capacity to a higher level.

The famous brand compont of misubitshi PCL, motor and servo drive to ensure the stable running.

CB-520LK Thermoforming Machine

How many parts of thermoforming machine consist of?

1. Frame of the thermoforming machine

A 30mm thick high-strength alloy aluminum structure, formed in one step, is meticulously crafted through high-precision gantry planning and milling. Compared to steel structures and regular aluminum sheet structures, it boasts significant features such as high mechanical strength, structural stability, resistance to deformation, and rust prevention.

2.All in one cantilever control panel

The thermoformer of CHLB brand are using the cantilever control panel as a result of your operation will be more flexible.

3. Upper film foll

The upper film roll of the thermoforming machine with the advice film width of 80μm-120μm.

4. down film roll

The down film roll of the thermoforming machine is acceptable both flexible sheet and rigid sheet. If you are plan to use the flexible sheet, the advice thickness is 280μm-300μm. But if you are plan to use the rigid sheet, the advice thickness is 600μm-900μm.

5.Thermoforming chamber - thermo forming


The forming mold is the main part of the thermoforming chamber. You could adjust the depth of the mold by adding the stainless steel plate. So our thermoformer could make different product height according your needs in the same thermoforming machine. The flexible sheet maximum depth is 85mm and rigid sheet maximum depth is 70mm.

6.Feeding structure

Generally if you don’t have additional requirement. the default option is feeding your product into the formed box by worker. But we also provide the automatic feeding solution by different type of weigher or measure device. If you need the automatic solution, please send your details demands to us with the product dimenssion and picture and video if possible.


7.Heat seal structure

The heat seal structure will seal all the package together, after finished sealing, they will go into the next step for cutting structure to device them as individual product.

8.Packaging cutting structure

This is the final step of the thermoforming process, the cutter will device the product individually. For example, if your mold is 7×6, then each out put will be 42 product.

9.Waste of recycling device

Using dual motor design,separate waste recycling systemRun smoothly, convenient disas-sembly and assembly, andmaintain environmentalhygiene.

The optional device for the thermoforming machines

1.Automatic feeding system

The automatic solution to speed up your production capacity and reduce your labor costs.

2.Date printer

To print the production date or expire date, also could print your company logo and information on the package. When you are require the date printer, please let us know the information you need to print.


The smartest packing solution. All steps are performed by machines with precise operation, reducing human errors and labor costs.

How does a thermoforming machine work?

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How's the packing speed of the thermoforming machine?

The packing speed is depends on the product size and the feeding speed. The thermoformer of CHLB maximum could make 7 circle per minute. For example. 

If your product size is suitable for the mold of 7*6, and the feeding speed could be matched. Then the maximum packing speed is 7*6*7=294 bags per minute.

All in all, the thermoforming machine could give you a great help for packaging. And the thermoformer from CHLB packing machine could give infinity possible for your package solution.

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