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Chocolates and candies come in a range of sizes and shapes, but all of their packaging solutions should protect their freshness and flavor, and maintain a beautiful appearance.

CHLB’s packing machines are the ideal for packaging chocolates and candies. Thanks to the advanced servo motors and sensors, our machines are capable of detecting and packaging various products precisely and efficiently.

Related Packing Machines


Small Premade Pouch Packing Machine CB-SP130

The SP130 is a dual-position economic premade pouch filling and sealing machine suitable for various powders, liquids, sauces, granules, and canned goods, with automatic operation and high-speed stability, running at approximately 60 packs per minute. It supports a maximum bag width of 120mm and a maximum length of 180mm.

full servo flow packing machine cb-300s/350s | chlbpack

Flow Packaging Machine CB-300S/350S(HFFS)

The horizontal flow pack machine features a compact design, accommodating a maximum film width of 350mm. It is suitable for products with a height of max 60mm and can achieve a maximum packaging speed of 200PPM.

automatic feeding & packing line cb-zp1 | chlbpack

Automatic High Speed Rotary Bowl Feeding & Packaging Line CB-ZP1

Automatic feeding, alignment, distribution and packing without workers and widely used in the food industry,chemical industry, pharmaceuticals,hardware and other industry which products are round,square and bar.

automatic feeding & packing line cb-zf2 | chlbpack

Automatic Feeding & Packing Line CB-ZF2

With in-line feeder for the automatic feeding,aligning,distributing and wrapping of small and medium sized products, like biscuits,cake, bread, cookies, doughnut, small confectionery, chocolate bar etc.Can well connect with production line

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