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Pet Food

Whether you are looking for a machine for packing dry cat food, moist dog food or fish food, a CHLB machine will package it perfectly.

We use the latest servo control technology and precise sensors to ensure speed, accuracy, and quality packaging sachets for your pet food and treats.

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rotary premade pouch vacuum packing machine

Discover the Best Rotary Vacuum Pouch Packaging Machine!

Discover the power of state-of-the-art technology with our Rotary Vacuum Machine. Efficiently seal pouches for freshness. Order today for reliable performance!

This is a large capacity packing machine with multi-head weigher

VFFS Machine With Multihead Weigher For Granule Product CB-420PM/520PM/680PM

Suitable to varieties of granules, such as puffed food,popcorn,nuts,small biscuits, pasta, pet food, pills,frozen meatball,dumpling,oatmeal,cotton candy, chips, salad, balloon etc.

Q1 series for quad seal bag cbq1 series | chlbpack

VFFS Packing Machine Quad Seal Bag Series CBQ1-520/680/820

A versatile attention-grabbing design that is very popular in the packaging industry, most notably in coffee, pet food, candy, and snacks. This bag holds its shape well on the shelf and can support heavier fills of products. With the addition of a degassing valve, it becomes the perfect solution for fresh roasted coffee.

3220 Mini VFFS machine series

Mini VFFS Machine CB-3220(G/C/L/P)

Mini VFFS machine series have 4 different metering system to pack small quantity fine granule, liquid, powder. Bag type can flexible choose back seal, 3/4 side seal, stick bag. Also can add easy tear.Popular used in one-time use industries.

Successful Cases

We have rich experience working in your industry with single piece equipment and more sophisticated fully automated packaging lines. Learn more about our cases​.

high speed bird seed bar packing machine

One of our customers in Australia had found our factory in August, 2018. He was interested in our full servo packing machine since the smart functions.

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