Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine(VFFS)

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines for All Industries

CHLB supplies professional packaging machines for industries around the globe. The vertical packaging machine, or vertical form fill seal machine(VFFS) is one of the most popular on our list. Based on the products you have to package, the working conditions, and the packaging film you are using, we can tailor a perfect solution.

What do you need to pack with a VFFS Machine?

This is a salt/pepper 2 line packing machine

Powder & Small Pellets

Condiment powder, seasoning like salt and sugar, and granular food like beans, and rice.

This is a reciprocating packing machine for round corner bags

Liquid & Paste & Gel

Whether it's liquid or thick paste and dough, our vertical packaging machines are at your service.

a tea bag packing machine

Specific Items Like Tea Leaves

VFFS can pack tea bags and coffee drip bags too. Our machine will do the packing along with the paper tags!

What You Get in a Quality VFFS Machine

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Our VFFS machines efficiently create specialty bag styles and perform at high speed for maximum throughput. A VFFS machine transports packaging films and prepared products vertically, which saves your plant area expenses. Features of our VFFS Machine are as follows:

  • Accurate Weight

    We offer a series of quality multi-head weigher and branded servo motors to guarantee that machines calculate more precisely and your final products are packed in stable weight.

  • Automated Packaging

    You can greatly improve efficiency and save labor cost with the help of our VFFS machines. The machine will run automatically from forming to filling and sealing.

  • Flexible Solution

    According to the final size and shape of your packaging bags, our engineers are competent for adjusting forming, filling, and sealing devices to deliver you the right machine.

VFFS for Food & Non-Food Industries

a drip coffee packaging machine

VFFS Machines for Food

This is a hardware accessories weight and packing machine

VFFS Machines for Non-Food Items

What Can You Pack with A VFFS Machine?

VFFS(Vertical Form Fill Seal) machines are commonly used in many industries and can be used to pack countless different bags, pouches, and packs.

Powder & Pellets & Granular

Liquid & Sauce & Gel

Packaging Bag Types by VFFS Machine

Normal Bags

4-sided bag

4 Sided Seal Bag

3-sided bag

3 Sided Seal Bag

Stick bags

Stick Bag/Sachet

Special Bags

coffee drip bag

Coffee Drip Bag

Fabric bags and paper handles.

Tea Bag & Tag

Tea Bag+Tag

Fabric bags and tags with threads.

Pyramid Tea Bag+Tag

Bags with Tags and thread.

triangular bag

Special Shape

Special shapes customizable.

Flexible Pouch Handles & Cuts

Handle Hole

Handle Hole

Euro Hole

Euro Hole

Round Hole

Round Hold


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High-Quality Machines for Your Packaging Needs

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