Fruits & Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables need to be packaged carefully to keep fresh and intact.

CHLB has developed a series of precise and dependable packing machines that can meet the needs of fruits and vegetable packaging. We also have professional solutions for packaging produce with flexible length by utilizing advanced servo motors and sensors.

Related Packing Machines

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Packing Machine with Robotic Hand Feeding

Robotic hand system match packing machine fill the gap between operator-dependent, high-maintenance-personnel-cost and costly manual package handling. About Packaging Robotics is dedicated to providing customized solutions to all your package-handling needs.


Cling film packaging machine

This Machine suitable for wrapping product with tray length less than 350mm, width less than 230mm, height less than 150mm, weight less than 3kg, Cling film width between 350 and 500mm.

Horizontal Flow Packing Machine

CB-800XS Multi-functional large packaging secondary packaging machine

Applicable for large products, allow to pack the product maximum height is 200mm(7.87”), and the maximum film width is 800mm(31.5”). PE film supported.


Full Servo Box Motion Type Flow Packaging Machine CB-450XWS

Box-motion jaws ensure simple maintenance and airtight closure. Support pure PE film to save your packing cost, accommodating a maximum film width of 450mm(17.72”), and enabling a maximum product height of 90mm(3.54”).


Flow Packing Machines CB-680XWS

Designing a cantilever touch screen for convenient operation, utilizing a box-motion cutter to ensure effective package sealing, and employing a pure PE film to save packing material costs. This machine supports a maximum film width of 680mm(26.77”) and a maximum product height of 110mm(4.33”).

Successful Cases

We have rich experience working in your industry with single piece equipment and more sophisticated fully automated packaging lines. Learn more about our cases​.

Fresh Vegetable Packaging

CHLB vegetable & fruit packing machine with Indefinite Length System to deal with the package problem of different lengths for the vegetables.

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