Fresh Vegetable Packaging


Fresh Vegetable Packing Machine

Fresh Vegetable Packing Machine

Fresh vegetable in bag Packaging requires the machine to be fast and be selective on it’s bag size limit. CHLB Packing Machine provides you the flexible and high efficient packaging solutions for variety of vegetable.

Vegetables Wrapping Solution

  • – Wide Range of Applications by Custom Design
  • – High Speed Vegetables Packaging Solution
  • – SS Structure Comply to GS GMP Standard
  • – Intelligent Packing With Servo Motor
  • – Global 24 Hours After-sales Service

Vegetables We Wrap

Vegetable Packing Machine

Flow Wrap Packing Machine CB-680XWS
Bag Size (L*W*H)L(60~6000)*W(60~330)*H(10~110)mm
Packaging Speed10~50 bags/min
Power2.75 KW

Machine Information

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