Fresh Vegetable Packaging


vegetable packing machine

Fresh vegetable in bag Packaging requires the machine to be fast and selective on its bag size limit. CHLB Packing Machine provides you the flexible and highly efficient packaging solutions for a variety of vegetables.

Fresh Vegetable Packing Machine

How To Achieve This?

Take the Modle CB-680XWS Flow Packing machine as an example, It is programmed with a indefinte length system to meet the demends of different product length,as we all know the vegetables grow with different length,so choose our Horizontal Flow Packing Machine to help you solve this problem and make your vegetable and fruits to be packed automaticly.

Depending on the difficulty of the vegetable, one vegetable packing machine generally will set 2-4 workstations for workers feeding the vegetable on the conveyor belt manually, and 1 extra worker to collect the finished package.

If you require to connect with the weighting, weight detecting and label system, It’s workable. We could design according to the workplace, no matter a straight line or a turn line. We could do it. Just contact us and send us your details demands.

Advanced Features Of The Vegetable Packing Machine

  • – 6mm Food grade strainless steel
  • – PE film supported saving the cost of packing material
  • – Large product supported
  • – Intelligent Packing With Servo Motor
  • – Accept highly customize the vegetable packing line

Vegetables Examples

Connecting with a labeling machine

this is a 817 flat lable machine

This labeling machine is suitable for the flat package product, like herb and leaves vegetables.

Machine Information

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