Premade Pouch Filling Machine

Pre-Made Bags Filling and Sealing Machine for All Industries

CHLB supplies professional packaging machines for industries around the globe. The pre-made bags packing machine, or pre-build bags packaging machine is one of the most popular on our list. Based on the products you have to package, the working conditions, and the packaging bags you are using, we can tailor a perfect solution.

What do you need to pack with a Pre-Made Bags Packing Machine?

this is a powder small pre-made bag packing machine for small business

Powder & Small Pellets

Condiment powder, seasoning like salt and sugar, and granular food like beans, and rice.

this is a liquid and paste small pre-made bag packing machine for small business

Liquid & Paste & Gel

Whether it's liquid or thick paste and dough, our vertical packaging machines are at your service.

rotary premade pouch vacuum packing machine

Other Functional Use

Our pre-made bag packing machine with the function of auto weighing, auto feeding and, auto filling and auto sealing, also optional auto vacuum functions!

What You Get in a Quality Pre-Made Pouch Packing Device

Check out our Pre-Build Bags Packaging Machines


By utilizing premium materials and employing capable engineers, we are competent in providing an extensive range of high-performance premade bag filling and packing machines to improve your existing packing efficiency, and you can recover the cost of investment quickly. Features of our Prebuild Bag Machine are as follows:

Premade Bag Packing Machine for Food Industries

these are economic small pre-made bag packaging machine for small business

Economic small pre-made bag packaging machine for small business

these are efficient large pre-made bag packaging machine

Efficient and powerful large pre-made bag packaging machine for large capacity

Premade Bag Packing Machine with Vacuum And None Vacuum

rotary premade pouch vacuum packing machine

Machine with Vacuum option

Machine for normal function


Premade bag packaging machines are commonly used in many industries and can be used to pack countless different bags, pouches, and packs.

Powder & Pellets & Granular

Liquid & Sauce & Gel

Packaging Bag Types by Pre-build Bag Packing Machine

Hang Bags

Hang Bags

Zip Lock Bags

Zip Lock Bags

Stand Up Bags

Stick Bag/Sachet

High-Quality Machines for Your Packaging Needs

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