Small Premade Pouch Packing Machine CB-SP130

  • Description

    This versatile machine is perfect for packaging particles, powders, liquids, and sauces across various industries

    With its compact size, affordability, and advanced features like automated processes, customizable feeding structures, touch screen operation, and precise temperature control, it’s a top choice for efficient and cost-effective packaging solutions.

  • Outstanding Features

    1. Versatile Application: Ideal for packaging granules, powders, liquids, and sauces in industries such as food, medicine, chemicals, and cosmetics.
    2. Fully Automated Process: The machine performs bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, and counting automatically, eliminating the need for manual operation. It can also fulfill additional functions like printing batch numbers according to customer requirements.
    3. User-Friendly Operation: Equipped with a touch screen interface for easy operation, PLC control for efficient performance, and automatic temperature compensation for precise and aesthetically pleasing sealing.
    4. Compact Design:The price is favorable and it is the best choice for small factories.
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liquid and paste small pre-made bag packing machine for small business



This type of Premade Bag Packing Machine suitable for  the food, medicine, chemical industry, cosmetics industry of liquids , sauce of measurement packing.


  1. Automatic measuring
  2. Automatic pick up bag
  3. Automatic filling
  4. Automatic bag sealing
  5. Customizable batch number printing and other customer-specific functions

Package Materials:

PE composite film, such as: pure aluminum, aluminum plating and other prefabricated bags.

Technical Parameter:

Model: CB-SP130
Bag Support: flat bag,zipper bag,hang bag
Packaging Speed: 55 -70 bags/minute
Bag Sizes: Length 80-180mm,Width 55-120mm
Machine Size: 2192* 1356 * 1738 mm
Machine Net Weight: 550KG
Machine Power: AC220V / 50 – 60Hz / 4.5kw
Gas: ≥0.6Mpa

This economic small premade pouch filling and sealing machine suitable for all kind of powders, granules, liquid and sauce products. please send us your details inquiry.


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