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Plasticine/Play Dough/Clay

With more than 20 years of experience, we are excellent at providing proper solutions for your soft doughy products, such as plasticine, soft sugar, clay, and dough.

We have developed the technology to extrude two-color sandwich plasticine, which fulfills a high-performance need.

Successful Cases

We have rich experience working in your industry with single piece equipment and more sophisticated fully automated packaging lines. Learn more about our cases​.

Plasticine Cup Filling Packing Machine

Plasticine Cup Filling Packing Machine is used to extrude and pack color mud. It has the characteristics of simple operation, stable product quality, high production efficiency and long lifespan.

Plasticine Extruding And Packing Machine

Plasticine Extruding And Packing Machine. Suitable for plasticine, play dough, epoxy glue, soft food etc.

Plasticine Production Line Automatic Solution

Nowadays, plasticine, modeling clay or play dough are still a new project of many stationery and kid’s toy manufacturer. Most of them are searching a professional supplier that can help them realize automatic production.

Fondant Extruding Automatic Packaging Solution

CB-350XL is the best selling model for soft materials like fondant, it can not only packing but also extruding with specific shape from mould.

Packing machine for Oil clay extruder with 4 nozzles

Early this year, we received an inquiry from India about the oil clay extruder with 4 nozzles.

Tamarind fruit pulp packing machine

Early this year, we received an inquiry from India about the tamarind fruit pulp packing. This product without fixed shape, it’s a difficulty to other suppliers.

Two-color sandwich plasticine extruding and cutting machine

Chlbpack has successfully developed new machine which can mix two different color plasticines and extrude them out in a sandwich

Flour Dough Extruding And Packaging

Our machine can be suitable to both flour dough and light dough(gluten-free dough).

High-Quality Machines for Your Packaging Needs

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