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To meet the diverse needs of the food packaging industry, we offer a wide range of automated packing machines designed to meet growing demands.

The huge variety of packaging bag styles make us a strong partner for packaging food. Pillow bags with Euro holes and gusset style bags are great for presenting food on shelves.

Related Packing Machines

sandwich biscuit machine L221

121L Single Feeder High Speed Biscuit Sandwiching Machine

This biscuit sandwiching machine can cream up to 600 creamed biscuits per minute. You can settle easily the package quantities and biscuits layout to 1×1, 1×2, 1×3, , 2×1, 2×2, 2×3 in system.

sandwich biscuit machine L221

221L High Speed Cream Sandwich Biscuit Packing Line

The sandwich biscuit packing line is capable of producing up to 1200 sandwich biscuits per minute. Suitable for biscuits size from 35 to 65mm. The biscuits can have a thickness of 4 to 8mm.

rotary premade pouch vacuum packing machine

Discover the Best Rotary Vacuum Pouch Packaging Machine!

Discover the power of state-of-the-art technology with our Rotary Vacuum Machine. Efficiently seal pouches for freshness. Order today for reliable performance!


Small Premade Pouch Packing Machine CB-SP130

The SP130 is a dual-position economic premade pouch filling and sealing machine suitable for various powders, liquids, sauces, granules, and canned goods, with automatic operation and high-speed stability, running at approximately 60 packs per minute. It supports a maximum bag width of 120mm and a maximum length of 180mm.

CB-180G High Speed Vertical Packing Machine Application

CB-180G High Speed Vertical Granular Packing Machine

Experience precision and speed with our small granule packaging machine. Designed for efficiency, it offers high-speed operations of up to 100 packages per minute. Optimize your space with its compact design. Order now for streamlined packaging solutions!

this is 65 type packing machine by intermittent, reciprocation, multi-materials

CB-65 Small Multi-Function Vertical Packing Machine

This type of vertical packaging machine is an upgraded model of CB-280, with optional reciprocating sealing jaws, special shape bag packaging, and multi-material combinations.

packing machine for granules,powder and liquid/sauce

280 Model Small Vertical Packing Machine

This is a small vertical packing machine for powder, granules and liquid. Support maximum bag width 130mm, maximum film roll width 280mm.

these are the pyramid tea bag packing machine

Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine SJB01-06

The priority choice while you are planning to buy a pyramid tea bag packaging machine.Click to view more…

a drip coffee packaging machine

High Quality Drip Coffee Bag Packaging Machine

High speed drip coffee bag packaging machine up to 4800 bags/hour. Compact machine design suitable for various work scenarios. Click to view more…

Air Bubble Film Packing Machine

E-Commerce Packing Machine CB-F2

A common application of the E-commerce package involves incorporating air bubble wrap roll material to bolster product protection. Max film width is 450mm(17.72”), suitable for product height under 90mm(3.54”)

Horizontal Flow Packing Machine

CB-800XS Multi-functional large packaging secondary packaging machine

Applicable for large products, allow to pack the product maximum height is 200mm(7.87”), and the maximum film width is 800mm(31.5”). PE film supported.


CB-520LK The Good Quality Thermo Forming Machine

CB-520LK thermoforming machine could run 4-7 circles per minute, upper film width maximum support 496mm(19.53 inch). This machine is widely use for meat, cheese, date,prepared food that need to be pack by vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging(MAP).


Cling film packaging machine

This Machine suitable for wrapping product with tray length less than 350mm, width less than 230mm, height less than 150mm, weight less than 3kg, Cling film width between 350 and 500mm.

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Packing Machine with Robotic Hand Feeding

Robotic hand system match packing machine fill the gap between operator-dependent, high-maintenance-personnel-cost and costly manual package handling. About Packaging Robotics is dedicated to providing customized solutions to all your package-handling needs.

automatic feeding & packing line cb-zp1 | chlbpack

Automatic High Speed Rotary Bowl Feeding & Packaging Line CB-ZP1

Automatic feeding, alignment, distribution and packing without workers and widely used in the food industry,chemical industry, pharmaceuticals,hardware and other industry which products are round,square and bar.


Full Servo Box Motion Type Flow Packaging Machine CB-450XWS

Box-motion jaws ensure simple maintenance and airtight closure. Support pure PE film to save your packing cost, accommodating a maximum film width of 450mm(17.72”), and enabling a maximum product height of 90mm(3.54”).


Automatic Tray Product Feeding & Packaging Line CB-ZT200

Automatic product feeding into tray & Automatic tray feeder suitable to cake,moon cake,bread,jackfruit cake,flaky pastry,pastry,biscuits and other products with tray/pallet’s package


Flow Packing Machines CB-680XWS

Designing a cantilever touch screen for convenient operation, utilizing a box-motion cutter to ensure effective package sealing, and employing a pure PE film to save packing material costs. This machine supports a maximum film width of 680mm(26.77”) and a maximum product height of 110mm(4.33”).

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We have rich experience working in your industry with single piece equipment and more sophisticated fully automated packaging lines. Learn more about our cases​.

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