Plasticine Production Line Automatic Solution


Nowadays, plasticine, modeling clay or play dough are still a new project of many stationery and kid’s toy manufacturer. Most of them are searching a professional supplier that can help them realize automatic production.

Plasticine Production Line Automatic Solution

Customers Inquiry:

Hi, We are in Operation planning stage to set up a factory for Modeling Clay for Kids. we are interested in your machine : CB-100L, producing clay packing machine. Your product get my attention and our Company wants to ask for some details in regards with your Clay Extrusion and packing machine. All we need for now is both the Extrusion and and Packing machine we will just purchasing Clay raw materials and exude and pack in our factory.

Do you produce kneader for the preparation of plasticine mass.
We are interest in buying a full clay production line.

Customers need a dough kneader, an extruder & packing machine. Some of them maybe need the formula. And they can own a production line when they have these production factors.

CHLB Packing Machinery is the only supplier can satisfy with all those requirements. Our product including kneader, extruder and packing machine, we also have a lot of experince on cooperating customer find out their formula.

From Mixer To Kneader

In the past, play dough manufacturer just a simple mixer to turn raw material to product. But the mixer can only make the normal kinds like flour dough and glutten-free dough.

As the market of play dough developing soon, the formulas of plasticine become more and more and different to each other. And then we researched and developed the vaccum kneader that can produce most of the plasticine’s varieties. It can produce flour dough, glutten-free dough, air dry clay, modeling clay, etc.

Extruder And Packing Machine Upgraded

On one hand, we extent our product line; on the other hand, we improve our machine’s performance as well.

Dear CHLB Group
we have produced modeling clays for children, and now we want to produce clays as your machine can do.
we have not produced them yet , so we will find the sample and send you soon.
one thing I can confirm is the diameter of clay is just about 10mm.

Maybe, we want the machine with more power and it can produce some different sizes as in my attachment file.
Please check it and give me your opinion when you have free time.

Finally, customer’s patterns are as below

In the past, the extruding nozzle of extruder can only be square or circle shape. As the diversification of plasticine, the design and pattern of products are irregular shapes. In a fact of this, our R&D improved the extruder all the time to match up with customer’s requests. One machine can make the 3 patterns by changing extruding nozzle.


Some of the new manufacturer of plasticine needs more help such as the formula. We have supplied full production line to many plasticine manufacturer, therefore we can provide technical support for customer to find out the formula.

About the formula’s deal, we inform customer the raw material first. And they will search the sources and confirm they can get them. When they decide to buy, the payment should be paid off before they get formula.

After receiving the payment, we will let customer know the producing details and we can also show them on site.

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