Horizontal Flow Packing Machine

Horizontal Flow Wrapper for All Industries

CHLB supplies professional packaging machines for industries around the globe, and the horizontal flow packaging machine(flow wrapper) is one of the most popular on our list. Based on the products you have to package, the machine conditions, and the packaging film you are using, we can tailor a perfect solution.

What do you need to pack with an HFFS?

221W on-edge sandwich biscuits packing machine

Food Products

Food grade stainless steel to ensure hygiene & safety. You can choose SS304 and SS316 for machine parts.

Non Food Products

Fast, accurate, & customizable according to your needs. You can always adjust details on the equipped panel.

What You Get in a Quality HFFS Machine

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By utilizing premium materials and employing capable engineers, we are competent in providing an extensive range of high-performance flow wrap machines to improve your existing packing efficiency, and you can recover the cost of investment quickly. Features of our Flow Wrap Machine are as follows:

  • High Accuracy

    Branded servo motors precisely control the speed and action command.

  • Intelligent Adjustment

    Precise inductors, self-regulating control systems and intelligent user control panels ensure the high accuracy and easy operation.

  • Automated System

    Automated packing solutions to save labor cost and improve efficiency.

  • Prevent Empty Bags

    Reliable packing machines to help detect empty bags and save your packaging materials.

  • Safe Operation

    We use SUS 304 stainless steel to meet the requirements of food production, and we provide the user-friendly design to protect your operating staff.

What Can You Pack with An HFFS Machine?

HFFS(Horizontal Form Fill Seal) machine is also known as a flow wrapper or horizontal flow packaging machine. It’s the most common packaging machine in the industry and can be used in countless different industrial settings.

Produce & Meat

Snacks & Bread

Non-Food Product

Packaging Bag Types by HFFS Machine

Front Sealing vs. Back Sealing

Front sealing means that the sealing ridge is on the front side of the final products which might affect the demonstration of the contents on the packaging bag.


On the contrary, back sealing means the ridge is on the back side of the final product.


What decides the sealing side is the film position or the filming direction(from the top or from below). We can customize it for you according to your needs.


Flexible Pouch Handles & Cuts

Handle Hole

Handle Hole

Euro Hole

Euro Hole

Round Hole

Round Hold

HFFS Machine(Flow Wrapper) Types

You can choose a horizontal flow wrapper based on these categories. Common HFFS machines differ in the following 3 ways: packaging size, cutting motions, and flow types. 

By Film Width & Size

CB 300

Max Width 350mm

For packaging bags that are no more than 350mms wide.

CB 450

Max Width 500mm

For packaging bags that are no more than 500mms wide.

CB 680

Max Width 680mm

For packaging bags that are no more than 680mms wide.

CB 800

Max Width 800mm

For packaging bags that are no more than 800mms wide.

By Cutting Motion

full servo box motion type flow packing machine details

Box Motion Cutting & Sealing

Moves in a rectangular(box) motion, and one of the best to product tightly sealed bags.

full servo flow packing machine cb-450s 550s chlbpack

Rotary Cutting & Sealing

Most common cutting and sealing method in flow wrapper machines.

intermittent cutting & sealing

Intermittent Cutting & Sealing

Moving straight upward and downward to cut and seal the bags.

By Flow Types

belt conveyor

Belt Conveyer

For soft or smaller items. For example, food product like cream cake and non-food product like nails and bolts. Speed and size customizable.

chain conveyer

Chain Conveyer

For harder products including food and non-food items. Chain conveyer speed and size customizable.


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