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Coffee tea bags are a new way to enjoy coffee, consumers can save more time to enjoy a delightful cup of coffee. As a result, coffee tea bags are becoming more and more popular, and more and more coffee factories install coffee tea bags packing machines in their workshop.

CHLB always stands on the customer’s needs. So, we released the coffee tea bags packing machine with the inner filter and outer envelopes.

By using our coffee tea bag packing machine, the ground coffee could keep a fresh smell.

The paper filter bag with good permeability, and the aluminized outer envelope could keep the coffee smell better.

If you are looking for a similar coffee tea bag packing machine. Please read over this page, you may get a satisfactory result.

On this page, I will show you a customer’s project. And below are his demands:

No.1: 8-10 grams of grind coffee.

No.2: Inner filter bag and outer envelope. 

No.3: Machine with function auto form, fill, and seal.

No.4: Expiry date printer.

No.5: Support designed film size(L200xW110mm).

No.6: Good Quality.

No.7: Budget under 8000 dollars.


As we are accepted free package testing. So, Mr. Mohamad sends us his coffee sample.

The coffee is finely ground, resulting in a consistent and uniform texture. It allows for optimal extraction during brewing, resulting in a rich and flavorful cup of coffee. 

The grind size is well-suited for various brewing methods, ensuring excellent flavor extraction and a balanced taste profile.

Technical Parameters:
Measuring score:3-10 grams
Inner bag size:L: 50-70mm; W 45-80mm
Outer bag size:L:80 - 120mm; W:75 - 95mm
Packing Speed:30-40 PPM
Machine Weight:500KG
Power Supply:AC220V 50hz 3.7KW Single phase
Gas Sourcing:≥0.4m³/minute
What’s the application for the 169T tea bag packing machine?

The machine is designed to package small particulate materials like tea, herbal tea, grind coffee, and various types of health tea with inner and outer bags.

What are the features of the 169T tea bag packing machine?
  1.  Machine Cover stainless steel 304
  2. Inner and outer bag’s film drawing is controlled by the stepper motor, stable bag length, and accurate positioning.
  3. The temperature controller is adjusted by PID to make the temperature control more accurate.
  4. Overall machine movement is controlled by PLC, with a human-machine interface display, operation-friendly.
  5. Easy clean, 3 doors open.
What's the recommended packing material?

Inner bag material: filter paper.

Outer Envelope: Heat seal composite film.

String: Cotton thread.

Tags: Paper-plastic composite film.

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