Top Questions:

How can I know the film width for my product?

If you are using our HFFS, the film width calculate by (product width + product height + 10)*2,

For example, if your product dimension is LxWxH 60*35*35mm, then the estimated film width is (35+35+10)*2=160mm.

How's your after-sales services?
  1. 1. Most components are free for replacement including servo motor, servo drive, touch screen, step motor, motor controller, etc. Customers only need to pay for the courier cost.
  2. 2. Service: We provide technician support to help you find out the problem through photos or videos shared with you. Normally replacement parts will be sent out within 3 days.
  3. 3. Spare parts are not under warranty scope. (refer to the spare part list)
  4. 4. Artificial and thunder strike damage is not under warranty scope.
  5. 5. Oversea service is available but clients need to afford the tickets, visa, and accommodation and 100USD per day.
  6. 6. We offer lifetime technical support.
  7. 7. Operation training: We offer on-site free operation training for customers in our factory. User manual, installation, and operation videos are available.
How about the lifetime of spare parts?
  1. 1. Normally the main spare parts are the heating bar, belt and knives.
  2. 2.Heating bar lifetime: about 12 months(affected by some factors:voltage instability, liquid or moisture)
  3. 3.knife lifetime: about 2 years(affected by some factors: rusted,cutting hard products makes not sharp)
How I can get the spare parts of the packing machine?

We will free you a set list of spare parts when you purchase the machine from us. But If you bought packing machines from CHLB and need to use the same origin spare parts. please contact us with details module of the spare parts. 

Can I get the spare parts from our local market?

Yes, you can find out the spare part according to our model or series number. For the customize spare parts, it’s better to purchase from us.

Can the packing machine be delivered on time?

Yes, we will take an eye on the production pressing, and update the latest production status to you. we have a production lifetime. The factory will keep updated on the latest production status.

How Does The Horizontal Flow Pack Machine Work?

Here is the Horizontal Flow Pack Machine 3D display and the real production Video, In the video you could see clearly how the packing machine worked and could see the whole wrapping process.






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