thermoformer - thermoforming machine


  • Good quality

    The native frame is constructed with a 30mm thick high-strength alloy aluminum structure, which undergoes precision machining through high-precision gantry planning and gantry milling. In comparison to steel structures and regular aluminum sheet structures, it exhibits significant features such as high mechanical strength, structural stability, resistance to deformation, and excellent precision.

  • Environmental vacuum pump

    High pumping efficiency, high vacuum degree, low noise, stable and reliable quality, long service life and other remarkable features, fast pumping speed

  • Efficient air system

    The vacuum and forming air system of this machine is advanced, ingenious and unique in design, which improves the working efficiency of the whole machine by more than 10%, which is at the international advanced level.

  • Precision Control System

    The control system of this machine adopts the world-renowned Japanese Mitsubishi 10-inch color large-screen touch screen, programmable logic controller (PLC) to control the stepping system, servo motor, high operating precision, and automatic and stable coordination of various actions to ensure reliable operation of the machine and simple and convenient use. . The button switch adopts the product of the French "Schneider" electric company, with beautiful appearance and safe and reliable operation.

  • Replaceable mold

    This machine can design molds according to your requirements. The mold replacement is simple and fast, and it is very convenient for the packaging of multi-variety and multi-standard commodities. It truly realizes the multi-purpose of one machine and greatly improves the scope of use of the machine.

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