rotary premade pouch vacuum packing machine

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  • Description

    This rotary pouch vacuum packaging machine seamlessly integrates pouch filling and vacuum sealing, catering primarily to premium snacks, food items, and other perishables requiring extended shelf life. It offers customizable automation solutions tailored to various products. Contact us now to explore available options!

  • Outstanding Features

    • Consistent and reliable performance for continuous manufacturing with minimal downtime.
    • Sleek design for aesthetic appeal and user-friendly operation.
    • Defective Percentage: 0.5% (caused by equipment issues).
    • All parts in contact with materials are made of 304 stainless steel with additional mechanical guards for safety.
    • PLC touch screen control with a user-friendly interface for easy operation; automatic stop and alarm in case of production faults.
    • Equipped with a 10-inch touch screen featuring a self-explanatory interface for effortless operation by any user.
    • Leading bag-feeding vacuum all-in-one machine in China, showcasing cutting-edge technology.
    • Utilizes internal slot cam machinery for ultra-low energy consumption, exceptional stability, and prolonged lifespan.
    • Sealing Property: Built to withstand harsh environments with acid, alkali, and waterproof features, enhancing equipment durability and stability.
    • Connection parts feature fluorine-containing rubber oil seals for enhanced sealing performance.
    • Three levels of vacuum pumping for efficient air removal; automatic control of vacuum time and degree to accommodate various materials, especially those with high water content.
    • Fully mechanical drive system ensures low energy consumption, high stability, and minimal maintenance costs.
    • Single air cylinder design reduces maintenance expenses and ensures equipment stability.
    • Automatic adjustment of clips to accommodate different bag widths, streamlining operations for workers.
    • Detection capability for empty and defective bags, preventing blanking of defective bags and heat-sealing of empty ones.
    • Equipped with protective and emergency stop devices on all sides to enhance worker safety during daily production operations.
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rotary premade pouch vacuum packing machine
granules vacuum bags
rotary premade pouch vacuum packing machine



This type of Rotary Premade Bag Packing Machine suitable for the food, medicine, chemical industry, cosmetics industry of liquids , sauce of measurement packing.


  1. Automatic pick up bag
  2. Automatic bag openning
  3. Automatic measuring
  4. Automatic filling
  5. Automatic bag vacuum sealing
  6. Customizable batch number printing and other customer-specific functions

Package Materials:

Laminated film\CPP\PE etc. Pouch thickness support 50-100 microns.

Technical Parameter:

Model: CB-VC300
Bag Support: Flat pouch, handbags, 3/4-side sealing pouch, Paper bag, Stand-up pouch, Compound pouch, etc.
Packaging Speed: 20 -60 bags/minute
Bag Sizes: Length 200-400mm,Width 180-300mm
Machine Size: L3200 * W2530 * H1600mm
Machine Net Weight: 3500KG
Machine Power: 3P 5-Wire system 380V 50/60Hz
Gas: ≥0.8Mpa
Cooling Water: 15̊-20, 3 liters/min (recommended with cooler)
Heat Sealing: Instant heat sealing and instant cooling, ensure nice sealing appearance.
Use Of The Environment: Room temperature 10-40℃, 30-90% RH, No Condensation, No Corrosive gas, No dust and other harsh environment.

Powders, granules, Liquid By Different Feeding Equipments:

This premade pouch packaging machine can be customized according to the different needs of your packaging products with different feeding equipment.

Powder Type Product:

Powder products can be efficiently filled using an Auger filler,
accommodating weights ranging from 100 to 5kg according to your requirements.
Additionally, a screw elevator is included for automated powder feeding,
ensuring a consistent supply to the Auger filler, thereby maintaining a smooth packaging process.

Granule Type Product:

Granular products can be efficiently weighed and filled using a multi-head weigher,
with options typically ranging from 4 to 16 heads.
Increasing the number of heads enhances both the accuracy and speed of the weighing process.
Utilizing a Z-type elevator, the granular products are lifted to the weigher,
allowing for continuous weighing and feeding into the pre-made pouch packaging machine.

Liquid Type Product:

Liquid products can be efficiently measuring by volumetric filling.

this is a paste pump with stand

Other Not Regular Products:

Other not regular products can be use the bowl elevator or other customized feeding equipment.

this is a big bowl elevator



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