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Biscuit & Bread

From fresh cakes and bread to pre-baked products, each product has its own unique packaging requirements and our machines are flexible enough to pack your unique products.

Food-grade stainless steel and user-friendly design make installation, dismantlement, and maintenance quick and easy. We promise you will get the most reliable packing equipment that suits your production process.

Successful Cases

We have rich experience working in your industry with single piece equipment and more sophisticated fully automated packaging lines. Learn more about our cases​.

Biscuit And Cookie Packaging Line

CHLB Packing Machine offering Automatic Feeding Packaging Line for cookies and biscuits manufacturers. Ideal for biscuits, cracker and cookies on pile packaging solution.

Bakery(Cake,Bread,Biscuit) Auto Feeding Tray Packaging Machine

CHLB Packing Machine supply many kinds of food packaging solution.In one of our case, we received an inquiry from a Russian customer who was looking for the flow packing machine for moon cake.

Sandwich Biscuit Packing Machine

Realized from the implementation of automated production to packaging machine biscuit sandwich machine.

Wafer biscuits packing requirements

Package requirements: 1) 6 pieces in line in one package. 2) At least 80 bags per minute. 3) Package type is gusset bag.

CHLB Servo Packing Machine Packaging Solution Working In Spain

In September 2017, we received an inquiry from Spain. Customer is also dealing in packing machines; their main product is vertical packing machine. This time they are looking for flow packing machine for bakery products.

Baguette, cupcake packing machine with Nitrogen charging device

In order to extend the quality guarantee period of the food, such as baguette, candy, fruits and vegetables, we can equip the packaging machine with nitrogen generators, air compressors, and gas storage tanks.






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