Packing Machines

  • full servo box motion type flow packing machine | chlbpack

    Flow Wrap Machine

    Our flow wrap machine, a horizontally operated machine, saves your labor cost and streamlines operation with its automated drive system and packing motion.

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    VFFS (Vertical Form Fill Seal) Machine

    VFFS machines efficiently create specialty bag styles, perform at high speed for maximum throughput, and save your plant area expenses.

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    Packaging Line

    CHLB's series of packaging automation systems are designed to save your labor cost, increase production efficiency, and meet your hygiene standards.

  • our history CB-350XLS

    Plasticine Packing Machine

    We are excellent at providing plasticine extruding and packaging machines for your soft doughy products, such as plasticine, soft sugar, and dough.

  • our history CB-450XWSR

    Packing Machine with Robotic Hand Feeding

    We develop a more automated feeding system equipped with robotic arms to improve the capability and efficiency of packaging equipment.

  • Shrink Wrap Machine - chlbpack

    Shrink Wrap Machine

    Our shrink wrap machines can seal and shrink wrap a wide variety of products in polyurethane, P.V.C., or similar shrink films to make the product more attractive.

  • Cling film packaging machine

    My automatic Cling film packaging machine and semi-automatic Cling film packaging machine are our new products. They have a very obvious effect on preservation, and they are also our very hot selling machines.

  • Vacuum Machine

    Vacuum machines are becoming more and more useful for fresh-keeping and aseptic freight, and the demand is also increasing.

Optional Devices

Every packaging machine can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements.

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Standard Multi-Head Weigher

We support installing a proper multi-head weigher for your specific products to improve output and keep high accuracy.

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Weight Checker

Choose a weight checker to sort the qualified products and defective products in the manufacture of high-quality products.

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Metal Detector

To keep final products safe, a metal detector can accurately detect products with metal.

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Nitrogen Storage Tank

The nitrogen storage tank can be fitted to your packing machine for preserving the freshness, flavor, and texture of food.

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Oil-Free Silent Air Compressor

Quality oil-free silent air compressors prevent contamination of your final products after compressing the air.

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The 3rd Generation Nitrogen Generator

Containing a freeze dryer, a three-level filter, and a patented valve for low air consumption and low noise.