Wafer biscuits packing requirements


Early this year. One of our old customer introduce his friend to us.

His packing requests are as below:

  1. 6 pieces in line in one package.
  2. At least 80 bags per minute.
  3. Package type is gusset bag.

According to his requests, our engineer adopt the auto feeding to reach such input condition

Packing solution for package without tray

According to customer’s requirements. We do some modifications on the standard model.

  1. The conveyor belt can be connected to production line.
  2. Conveyor is separated into two parts. One is collecting products from production line, the other one is after feeding and go into packing machine.
  3. There’s one pusher between the two conveyor parts which is controlled by air cylinder. The pusher also separate the latest products by its side board and feed the product by fixed length.
  4. There’s an additional gusset device to make the package type into gusset bag.

Machine Information

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