Tamarind fruit pulp packing machine


Early this year, we received an inquiry from India about the tamarind fruit pulp packing. This product without fixed shape, it’s a difficulty to other suppliers.

Require plasticine extruder + packing machine.

Please give quotation

  • 1. I need contact parts in SS316
  • 2. My block sizes are
  • 3. 500 gms = 130mm x 80mm x 40mm
  • 4. 100 gms = 70mm x 50mm x 20mm


We have lots of experience on soft material packing solution. We developed and released plasticine packing machine on 2009 and then got the patent of soft material packing.

Now this machine is the leading machine of plasticine market and many famous stationery manufacturer bought from us. Meanwhile, few of other supplier can make such original machine.

CB-350XL is specially for all kinds of plasticine extruding and packing, it’s also suitable to soft food like fondant.



After exchange our details to each other, customer had a very good comment of our machine’s quality and R&D ability, so we have the samples of their product for test and got a satisfying result.


At last, customer order one machine to increase their automation on production.

CB-350XL is helpful for output high precision size and avoid contamination, reduce the rework rate and save labor cost&material cost.

Full automatic plasticine packing line VS Traditional manual packing

Full automatic plasticine packing lineTraditional manual packing
ProcessExtruding nad packing in one machineextruder→manual cut→manual feeding→packing
Product cuttingAutomatic cutting according to the set length, accurate and efficientManual cut cannot ensure good accuracy
Product deliverAutomatic deliver the products into packing machine, no pollution and deformationManual deliver may cause pollution and deformation to product
Labor costOnly need 1 person to operate the machine, reduce labor costsNeeds at least 7 persons
Speed100~200pcs per minuteMax speed is 60 pcs per minute

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