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Flow Packaging Machine CB-300S/350S(HFFS)

  • Description

    CHLB is proud to launch its first full servo flow wrapper machine in 2013, with a cantilever design frame that makes it easier for you to clean up the floor and ensures the hygiene of your workshop. Our machines provide clean, hygienic and efficient solutions for all your packaging needs.


    This horizontal flow wrapper machine(HFFS) is suitable for various products package,small food blocks, small commodities, and other small regular shape products.

    • Food: biscuits, cookies, bakery products, chocolate bars, energy bars, ice lolly, popsicles, sugar cubes, Fried dough sticks, bread, peanut candy, mooncake, instant noodles, egg rolls…
    • Commodities: Scouring pad, Ultraman cards, cups cake, pen, candle, condom, waist belt, sanitary napkin, Diapers, disposable slippers, steel wool…
    • Others: Hardware, Sockets, Soap, Chain
  • Outstanding Features

    • No limited product length
    • Support Max 200mm film width
    • Europe-style design
    • Film roll upper
    • Servo drive
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CB-300S flow wrapper machine
flow packing machine structure


  • 1). 7” HMI touch screen, user-friendly and easy operation
  • 2). No product No bags function
  • 3). Good seal pillow bags
  • 4). High speed up to 1200 bags/hour
  • 5). Allow max product height of 60mm
  • 6). 2.4-meter Infeed conveyor
  • 7). Product cutting prevention, operation errors the machine will stop
  • 8). Strong Memory function, can store 99 groups of package parameters (product position, packing speed, bag length)
  • 9). No limits for product length
  • 10). 3 independent motors (conveyor, center sealing, and end sealing)
  • 11). Motion controller for quick response to various commands
  • 12). Accurate positioning
  • 13). Digital temperature control
  • 14). Food-grade stainless steel 304
  • 15). High-precision sensor
  • 16). rotary zig sealing jaws

300s flow packing machine specification

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  • 1. Printer
  • 2. Nitrogen Gas Charging
  • 3. Auto feeder Device
  • 4. Packing line solutions


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