Packing machine for Oil clay extruder with 4 nozzles



Early this year, we received an inquiry from India about the oil clay extruder with 4 nozzles.

Forwarding & Testing

Compared to play dough, oil clay is harder and there are patterns on the surface. So we adopted SUS#304 as the nozzle material instead of Teflon.

After we customize the specialized solution as per customer’s requests, they have great confidence in our R&D ability and experience. Then we got their sample for testing.


Our extruder is usually for play dough, but it can also for modeling clay, oil clay, glue stick, etc.

  • First case about 4 nozzles extruding
  • First case about 4 nozzles with pattern
  • First case about 4 pieces of clay cutting

Machine Information

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