Card paper packing machine


Early in this year, we received an inquiry about card paper’s packing request.



We are interested in your products. We have a requirement of a flow wrapping machine for the purpose of packing printed cards made of paper boards from 230GSM upwards.

packing printed cards made of paper boards from 230GSM upwards. Card size may vary upto 35cm x 12cm. Individual cards should be wrapped one by one. Final out put must be in the form of continuously linked wrapped cards.

It is preferable if a chain of given number of wrapped cards can be separated by the machine(for example 10 cards per chain).

Can you provide us with a machine that can fulfil above requirements?


After the initial communication,we get the trust from customer and they send us their sample. We test it with our CB-300S.


Can we pack cards of any size that is within the size range I provided you (6 cm x 5 cm to 31 cm x 10 cm), in CB-300S machine?

Or can it be used only for the 2 sizes I specified?

Our smallest card size is 5cm x 6cm and the largetst card size is 31 cm x 10 cm. We are looking for a machine with automatic feeding.

After testing, we came to conclusion that the model CB-300S can meet all the packing needs.

Servo packing machine brief introduction

  1. Servo machine’s parameters storage function is convenient for quick setting when change product.
  2. Servo machine’s structure 3 axis independent, not mechanical as dual frequency machine. It can be connected with external equipment since its good compatibility.

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