CB-520LK The Good Quality Thermo Forming Machine

  • Description

    Automatic stretch film vacuum packaging machine

    Suitable for vacuum, aeration, skin packaging, etc. of various food, meat products, donkey-hide jujube series products,

    seafood, fruits and vegetables, pickles, frozen meat, medical products, hardware components, medical machinery, etc.

    It is controlled by Japan’s Mitsubishi programmable controller, 2310 color touch screen,

    Mitsubishi servo drive system is used,

    and all electrical appliances such as Japan, Europe, and Taiwan are used.

    Equipped with complete safety protection measures

  • Outstanding Features

    Automatic Continuous Stretch Film Vacuum Packaging Machine
    Parameters/Model SS-320 SS-420 SS-520
    Up film width 293-294mm 395mm 492-496mm
    Down film width 322mm 425mm 520-525mm
    Packing Speed 5-8 cycles 5-8 cycles 4-7 cycles
    Vacuum degree ≤200Pa ≤200Pa ≤200Pa
    Machine Dimension 4800×850×1760mm 6500×900×1700mm 7000×1050×1860mm
    Machine Weight 1100kg 1800 2400kg
    Power 3P, AC380V, 50Hz, 12KW 3P, AC380V, 50Hz, 12KW 3P, AC380V, 50Hz, 20KW
    Compressed Air 0.6-0.8Mpa 0.6-0.8Mpa 0.6-0.8Mpa
    Pressure Cooling water ≥0.15Mpa ≥0.15Mpa ≥0.15Mpa
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