Stable Rotary Premade Pouch Machine CB-P8200

  • Description

    Unleash the power of automation with our Rotary Premade Pouch automatic packaging machine. Featuring 8 working positions, this state-of-the-art device handles every step of the packaging process seamlessly. From bag pickup to sealing, each task is executed with precision and speed, reducing labor costs and eliminating human error. Experience unparalleled efficiency and productivity in your packaging operations.

  • Outstanding Features

    • Efficient Premade Pouch Machine
    • Versatile Packaging Solution
    • Reliable Premade Pouch Equipment
    • Automated Packaging Innovation
    • Precision Premade Pouch System
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This type of Rotary Premade Bag Packing Machine suitable for the food, medicine, chemical industry, cosmetics industry of liquids , sauce of measurement packing.


  1. Automatic pick up bag
  2. Automatic bag openning
  3. Automatic measuring
  4. Automatic filling
  5. Automatic bag sealing
  6. Customizable batch number printing and other customer-specific functions

Package Materials:

Laminated film\PP\PE etc. Pouch thickness support 50-100 microns.

Technical Parameter:

Model: CB-P8200
Bag Support: Preformed bag: Zipper bag, Stand-up pouch, Spout bag, 3/4-side-seal flat pouch, four edge-sealing bag, special bag etc
Packaging Speed: 20 -60 bags/minute
Bag Sizes: Length 100-300mm,Width 100-200mm
Machine Size: L1900 * W1400 * H1450mm
Machine Net Weight: 1300KG
Machine Power: 3.5KW 3P 380V 50/60Hz
Gas: ≥0.8Mpa

Powders, granules, Liquid By Different Feeding Equipments:

This premade pouch packaging machine can be customized according to the different needs of your packaging products with different feeding equipment.

Powder Type Product:

Powder products can be efficiently filled using an Auger filler,
accommodating weights ranging from 100 to 5kg according to your requirements.
Additionally, a screw elevator is included for automated powder feeding,
ensuring a consistent supply to the Auger filler, thereby maintaining a smooth packaging process.

Granule Type Product:

Granular products can be efficiently weighed and filled using a multi-head weigher,
with options typically ranging from 4 to 16 heads.
Increasing the number of heads enhances both the accuracy and speed of the weighing process.
Utilizing a Z-type elevator, the granular products are lifted to the weigher,
allowing for continuous weighing and feeding into the pre-made pouch packaging machine.

Liquid Type Product:

Liquid products can be efficiently measuring by volumetric filling.

this is a liquid and paste small pre-made bag packing machine for small business

Other Not Regular Products:

Other not regular products can be use the bowl elevator or other customized feeding equipment.

This is a functional large pre-made bag packing machine with vacuum


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