Pre-made bag to bag packaging machine

  • Description

    The automatic bag type packaging machine is a kind of automatic equipment which is specially used for packaging prefabricated bags with high appearance requirements.

    It can open, print, fill and seal the bags through multiple stations. It is suitable for all kinds of particles, liquids, slurries, flakes and powders.

    It is widely used in food, medicine, beverage, chemical industry, agriculture, hardware and toys and other industries.

    Air consumption 0.8Mpa 0.3m3/min
    Total power/voltage 3.5KW  220V 50/60Hz
    Voltage 380V3P  50HZ
    Air compressor Not less than 1 CBM
    Machine Size L1900*W1400*H1550mm
    Machine weight 1300kg
  • Outstanding Features

    1. It has a variety of automatic diagnosis and automatic alarm security protection functions to ensure personal safety and reduce material loss.
    2. Can be equipped with remote diagnostic system, minimum time for machine troubleshooting
    3. Can be equipped with automatic lubrication system to prolong machine life and reduce labor cost.
    4. Can be equipped with a one-button clamping system, according to the width of the bag quickly adjust the machine.
    1. The manufacturing process of the whole machine is strict, and the parts are all of the top international brands.
    2. According to international safety and health standards, each machine has passed many safety, environmental protection, physical property and function tests.
    3. Beautiful appearance, simple operation, stable performance and low failure rate.
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