Automatic Tray Product Feeding & Packaging Line CB-ZT200

  • Description

    • Material sorting and packaging capacity: 80~200 bags/min(subject to the product and packaging material)
    • Rapid adjustment of large and small pallets, adapt to various product demands.
    • The system could automatically separate and open box, automatically order box of moon cake and cake product, automatically put in deoxidizer packets, automatically sort and package. No person contacts the food during the packaging process, to reduce secondary pollution and satisfy food sanitation requirement. 


  • Outstanding Features

    • With high-precision and high-sensitive SIC electric eye tracking system, accurately control material position. 
    • The system realizes complete machine intelligent control through real-time interactive operation of touch screen and embedded PLC. Allocate product menu function for convenient and rapid adjustment of product. 
    • The system adopts multistage frequency conversion and speed adjustment and servo drive control. Easy and convenient, stable and reliable operation, highly accurate control and low energy consumption. 
    • The whole machine has cantilever frame design for easy and convenient installation, dismantling, maintenance and cleanness. 
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full automatic ordering packaging line cb-zt200 details chlbpack
full automatic ordering packaging line cb-zt200 details chlbpack
full automatic ordering packaging line cb-zt200 details chlbpack


Main feeding belt Width600mm/700mm/800mm/1000mm
Packaging speed 80-200bags/min
Power specification 6.0KW/220V,50/60HZ
According to the actual situation 
Machine dimension (L)8000 x (W)2000 x (H)1500mm
According to the actual situation 


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