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Automatic Feeding & Packing Line CB-ZF2

  • Description

    • This equipment could be connected to production line output part for one kind of product 
    • It can also for different products if not connected to any production line and filling products on the end side of feeding conveyor belt by manually
    • This equipment can be individualized design as per product’s characteristic to avoid the product deforming. 
    • It can also remove the defects without stop when products stuck on any part of feeding conveyor to guarantee the production process continuously and stably 
  • Outstanding Features

    • Adopt multi-variable frequency speed switch and controlled by servo driver, makes operation more simpler and convenient, equipment runs more stable and accurate while use less energy consumption
    • Structure made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, humanizing design makes installation, dismantlement, maintenance more quickly
    • Makes production processes full automatically from product material aligning, orienting , feeding, distributing to packaging
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automatic feeding and packaging line cb-zf2 details chlbpack
automatic feeding and packaging line cb-zf2 details chlbpack
automatic feeding and packaging line cb-zf2 details chlbpack
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Main feeding belt Width600mm/800mm/1000mm/1200mm
Packaging speed standard speed 50-200bags/min (single lane)
Power supply220V 50HZ or  380V 50HZ
Total Power(KW)According to the actual situation 
Machine dimensionAccording to the actual situation 


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