3220 Mini VFFS machine series

Mini VFFS Machine CB-3220(G/C/L/P)

  • Description

    • CB-3220G suitable to medicinal tablet, sugarcoated tablets, candy, chocolate beans, capsule and other troche or grains material.
    • CB-3220C suitable to seeds, Chinese medicine, feed, table salt, sugar, cereals, activated carbon, desiccant and other loose, non-sticky granular material.
    • CB-3220L suitable to shampoo, body wash, face cream,  soy sauce, seasoning oil, chili sauce, ketchup and other good liquidity material.
    • CB-3220P suitable to food additives, milk powder,protein powder, spice powder,instant coffee,cocoa powder,soda powder,glucose powder,pearl powder,mask powder etc.
  • Outstanding Features

    • User friendly control panel
    • Stainless steel easy-clean case
    • Automatic bagging speed according to your bag size and product for optimal use and low risk of error
    • Intelligent temperature control 
    • Automatic measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, printing, batch number, cut off and counting, etc
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3220p Mini VFFS machine series
3220L Mini VFFS machine series
3220g Mini VFFS machine series
3220c Mini VFFS machine series


Max width of roll film320mm320mm320mm320mm
Bag sizeL(40-200) x W(40-150)mm
Packing speed5-60bags (according to single bag weight) 
Measuring range50-3000ml
Packing material many kinds of composite film
or pure PE film
Bag typeback seal, 3/4 side seal
Power voltage220V/380V, 50HZ/60HZ
Net weight 350KG
Metering device cup volumetriccup volumetricliquid pumpauger


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