this is a Polymer clay packing machine

High-Speed Polymer Clay Extruder and Packing Machine

  • Description

    A state-of-the-art, multi-function packaging solution designed for filling, wrapping, labeling, sealing, and slitting various materials including plastic bags, film, and pouches. With a production capacity of 10-100 bags per minute and key features such as high accuracy and automatic operation, it’s ideal for a range of industries including manufacturing Polymer Clay, and more. Built with quality components, backed by a 1-year warranty, and boasting a stainless steel frame, this machine guarantees efficiency, reliability, and longevity in your production processes.

  • Outstanding Features

    1. Food grade SUS#304 contact parts
    2. Two color touch screen 7″, one for packing machine, another for extruder.
    3. Can extruder out different product shapes
    4. With safety guards
    5. Accurate length cutting
    6. With technical patent
    7. Easy to operate and clean
    8. Cutting can be change for different material
    9. Can be modified to servo control

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this is a polymer clay packing machine
polymer clay packing machine
this is a polymer clay packing machine



This type of clay packing machine many kinds of polymer clay, such as plaster of Paris, kaolin, china clay, etc.
The production line of this type of clay packing machine is simple and easy to operate, and the production efficiency is high.


  1. Automatic clay mixing
  2. Automatic clay extrude
  3. Automatic clay cutting
  4. Automatic bag sealing
  5. Automatic bag cutting
  6. Customizable batch number printing and other customer-specific functions

Package Materials:

BOPP/Polyethylene, Aluminium/Polyethylene, Paper/Polyethylene, Polyester/Aluminized/Polyethylene, Nylon/CPP and
other heat sealable lamination film rolls.

Technical Parameter:

Model: CB-350XL
Sealing Type: back seal
Packaging Speed: Up to 150 bags/minute
Bag Sizes: L(60~200)×W(20~165)×H(20~60)mm
Machine Size: L2300×W850×H1300mm
Machine Net Weight: 480KG
Machine Power: 380V, 50HZ, 7KW

Work Flow:

clay packing machine work flow


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