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Our packaging machines use servo motors and internationally renowned brand components. The machines are efficient and durable.

Packing Machine With Multi-Head Weigher

This is a large capacity packing machine with multi-head weigher

High precision, you can set the desired weight through the control panel, 200g, 500g, 1kg, 3kg, 5kg, etc..

Packing Machine With Screw Doser System

This is a powder packing machine

Suitable for all kinds of powder packaging. Can pack up to 5kg.

Packing Machine With Volumetric Cup

This is a picture of the vertical packing machine by volumetric cups

A high speed packaging solution that does not require high precision and is suitable for various small particle products.

Packing Machine With Liquid Pump

This is a picture of the liquid sauce pouch packing machine

It is suitable for large packaging of various liquids, juices, tomato sauce, chili sauce and other sauces.

All kinds of Powder ,Granule, Liquid and Sauce. Various kinds of packaging solution should have one suitable to you.

Case Video Of Machine


Our machines efficiently create specialty bag styles and perform at high speed for maximum throughput. A VFFS machine transports packaging films and prepared products vertically, which saves your plant area expenses. Features of our VFFS Machine are as follows:

Accurate Weight

We offer a series of quality multi-head weigher and branded servo motors to guarantee that machines calculate more precisely and your final products are packed in stable weight.

Automated Packaging

You can greatly improve efficiency and save labor cost with the help of our VFFS machines. The machine will run automatically from forming to filling and sealing.

Flexible Solution

According to the final size and shape of your packaging bags, our engineers are competent for adjusting forming, filling, and sealing devices to deliver you the right machine.

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Customer Reviews

"I tell you, I have worked for food manufacturing companies in design, construction and maintenance of machinery and this machine is very well made."
Esteban Camacho
“Very pleased with the machines, your team did a great job puting together everything we needed, very professional. ”
Kelvin Kelley

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