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Full Automatic Tubes Pipes Flow Packing Machine CB-300SG

  • Description

    • Additional cylinder device for auto-feeding
    • Bracket for assembly product pre-wrapped and collect finished packaged products
    • 3 independent motors (Conveyor, film plastic and end sealing)
    • Motion controller for quick response to various commands
    • Accurate positioning
    • Digital temperature control
    • Food grade SUS304 contact parts
    • Touch screen 7”
  • Outstanding Features

    • All control in one touch screen, user-friendly and easy operation
    • Product cutting prevention, machine will stop once cutter cuts the produc
    • Memory function, can store 99 groups of package parameters (product position, packing speed, bag length)
    • Block board for separate the finished products into batchs
    • Product permit length as long as 6 meters
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full automatic tubes and pipes packing machine details | chlbpack
full automatic tubes and pipes packing machine details | chlbpack
full automatic tubes and pipes packing machine details | chlbpack


Film width ≤300mm
Film thickness30-80um
Dimension of film bobbinOuter diameter≤300mm Inner diameter≥75mm
Single knife bag sizeL(60-6000)xW(50-140)xH(3-50)mm
Single knife packing speed20-200bags/min
Outer dimensionAccroding to the real product length
Machine weight 1000KG
Motor configurationFull servo
Film bobbin positionUpper
Blade cut type Rotary
Fix deviceAir cylinder auto feeder
Finished product collecting bracket


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