CB-420V Fish and Seafood Packaging Machine

  • Description

    CB-420V Fish and Seafood Packaging Machine, it is controlled by Japan’s Mitsubishi programmable controller, 2310 color touch screen, Mitsubishi servo drive system is used, and all electrical appliances such as Japan, Europe, and Taiwan are used. Equipped with complete safety protection measures.

    1. Advanced seafood packaging technology with a focus on freshness
      Seafood packaging requires the latest innovations in preservation and hygienic design to ensure maximum shelf life, attractive appearance and unquestioned freshness.
    2. CHLBpack offers a full range of advanced automated packaging solutions designed to produce the most popular formats for fresh, frozen and smoked seafood customers expect. Choose the right equipment for the packaging capabilities you need and give your customers the quality they can see.
    3. Tray sealers, thermoformers, horizontal and vertical flow wrapping machines – all of our solutions are designed to give you the packaging flexibility and versatility you need to produce top-quality applications at maximum efficiency.
    4. Whether you’re opting for gas-flushed MAP to prevent spoilage, removing air completely to conform to product shape, or preparing case-ready entrees for supermarket shelves, CHLBpack has the seafood packaging solutions you need.
    5. Working with us, you gain access to a wide range of packaging technologies for the same fresh, frozen, or processed seafood product in the most attractive varying formats on the market today:

  • Outstanding Features

    • Versatility: Soft and hard film, multi-step distance, vacuuming, adding nitrogen to make your product fully summarized on one machine.
    • Efficiency: Equipped with a high vacuum vacuum pump imported from Germany, the working cycle is fast, and the operating cost of labor and equipment investment is effectively reduced.
    • Safety: The safety emergency and perfect and seamless protective measures all over the fuselage make every hidden danger do not exist, and fully feel the humanization of modern fully automatic machinery.
    • Convenience: The transmission chain is equipped with automatic lubrication, and the box plate of the body can be easily disassembled, allowing you to face every part of the machine and the working process intuitively, making maintenance, maintenance and cleaning more convenient.
    • Strength: The whole machine is made of 304 food-grade all-stainless steel frame structure, which will never be deformed; the parts are made of all-stainless steel standard products, and the molds are carved with high-strength finished aluminum plates, which is a fine art grades are assembled.
    • Convenience: The sliding ball transfer in the unloading area of ​​the finished product ensures that the product will not be injured due to falling. Connect directly to your automatic transfer overpack system.
    • Advantages: It has the production technology and technology of the European equipment, and the domestic can match the advantageous price and all-weather customer service.
    • CHLBpack can provide a whole packing solution and integrate fully automated systems, include Loading, forming, aligning, sealing, cutting, packing, cartoning – every individual process is linked, ensuring a seamless transition and flawless production when time matters most and helps reduce labor costs.
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Top Film width ≤422 mm
Bottom Film width≤395 um
Vacuum Level≤200 Mpa
Single knife packing speed4-7 bags/min
Power380 V, 50 HZ, 10 KW
Outer dimensionL5500xW900xH1750mm(L*W*H)
Machine weight 1500KG


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